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We have teamed up with an Orthodontic Dental Laboratory specialized in manufacturing  custom made appliances for the bio-mechanical treatment of neurological movemenet disorders.

In order to place an order to the Dental Lab, you have to be Member of the Bio-Mechanical Dystonia Non Profit Association. Please, Click here to Join the Association.

If you are a Dentist, a TMJ specialist, an Orthodonstist or a medical professional, you can order and purchase your appliances through this Blog.  Please read at the end of this page for information on shipment and delivery. If you are interested in high volume or frequency orders, please contact us directly for special conditions.

Please be advised that individuals and DIY patients can not purchase dental appliances for self treatment. If you are a patient suffering from Dystonia, please find a local dentist or orthodontist who will oversee and guide your treamtent and make an impression of your dental arches.

This is a list of the custom made appliance that the laboratory we work with can provide.

full pack sell

Basic upper ALF sell

Gelb Alf sell

design alf sell

lower clear retainer sell

dental cast sell

polimorph sell

Please note:

  • All custom-made products we offer are made by an orthodontic laboratory in Spain.
  • All stated prices include tax but do not include shipping. We do not take care of shipping.
  • It is your responsability to arrange shipping and delivery of dental impressions.
  • Shipping and delivery cost and time depend by the options and prices offered by the post or courrier service of your choice.
  • None of these products is intended for medical self-treatment. An orthodontic treatment can only be done by an orthodontist.
  • Please read the legal Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Right of Revocation statements.
  • The appliances are made according to the quality of the dental impressions that we receive. Please follow the instructions described in the How to Make Dental Impressions page for the correct registration, quality and packaging requierd.

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