eBook: Bio-Mechanical Treatment of Neurological Movement Disorders


We are currently writing a book that will be a comprehensive guide for patients and medical professionals on the bio-mechanical treatment of neurological movement disorders. In this page you can download a free sample eBook with a prieview of the content.

Among the authors who sign this ebook: Marcello Leonard Mazza, PhD and Dr. Jeffrey Brown DDS, MBA


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This sample includes:
About this Book: Chapters 1 to 4
by Marcello Leonard Mazza PhD

Part 1: Chapter 5
by Dr. Jeffrey Brown DDS MBA

Index of the Full Book

About this BooK

  1. Why do we Write this Book?
  2. How do we Write this Book?
  3. Disclaimer
  4. The Bio Mechanical Dystonia Association
  5. Preface by Dr. Brendan Stack, DDS, MD

Part I: Causes of Dystonia

  1.  What is Dystonia?
  2. A Bio-Mechanical Approach to Dystonia
  3. Bio.Mechanics of Dystonia
  4. The Neurological Connection
  5. Displaced TMJ Disks – by Dr. Jeffrey Brown, DDS, MBA
  6. Cranial Collapse and Derangement
  7. From Postural Collapse to Dystonia
  8. The Dental Connection
  9. Can you Trust your Dentist?

Part II: Treatment

  1. A Protocol for the Treatment of Dystonia
  2. Principles of Splint Therapy and the TMJ
  3. The Molar Lever and Postural Alignment
  4. Cranial Derangement and the ALF
  5. Phase 1
  6. Phase 2
  7. Phase 3

Part III: Case Studies and Personal Stories

Part IV: Question & Answers

Part V: Resources and Bibliography