How to Make Dental Impressions and Casts

In order to build an individual custom-made ALF, base splint, clear retainer or Gelb-ALF it is necessary to have a Dental Casts.

Dental cast (Custom)

This is a Dental Cast

If you do not already have dental casts, you can either have them made by a local dentist or you can alternatively buy in a local dental material distributor shop the impression mass to make Dental Impressions at home. The process is very easy.


This is a Dental Impression

The process of using an impression kit is very simple: you only have to buy and knead the Impression Mass (in the 50/50 ratio described in the video instructions below) and apply it to an Impression Tray.


This is an empty Impression Tray

You can buy  a complete set of Impression Trays online on Amazon for as little as 8$. Click this  link to buy it.

molde 2

This is a tray with Impression Material  ready to take a dental impression. 

You can buy  Impression Material online on Amazon for about 27$. Click this link to buy it.

Video Instructions

The dental impression with the imprint of your teeth is all that a dental lab needs to manufacture the custom-made appliances that are necessary for the bio-mechanical treatment of dystonia.