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Welcome to the Bio-Mechanical Dystonia Non-Profit Association. In this page you can purchase your membership subscription online.

As many of you know, most of what we put out into this world is absolutly free (80 blog posts,80 thousand readers from 150 countries, a full protocol for the treatment of Dystona, research, analysis, a Facebook Group, etc.).

Membership fees help us cover the cost and do more for free. If you find that the information in this blog is useful, please help us do more for ever more people suffering from dystonia.

As a Member you will have access to special content and services:

  • Place an order to our Online Dental Lab
  • Watch How-to Videos tutorials
  • Read our downladable eBook as it is written
  • Book a Personal Skype Session to ask specific questions
  • Join our Private Facebook Community
  • Get Access to our full knowledge base as we develop it

The Bio-Mechanical Dystonia Association is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the research and implementation of bio-mechanical treatments of neurological movement disorders. Its activities include:

  1. Raising public awareness about bio-mechanical treatments of neurological movement disorders.
  2. Providing information and appliances for Do It Yourself Patients, specially those patients who do not have access to information, appliances and trained medical professionals due to financial or geographic reasons.
  3. Promoting and funding research and publication of relevant articles and books.
  4. Producing and funding videos and practical how-to guides for DIY patients and medical professionals.
  5. Training medical professionals.
  6. Organizing and running informal online medical trials of specific treatment protocols.
  7. Managing, moderating and funding online communities, forums and blogs.
  8. Researching and publishing correlation statistics about dental/occlusion related bio-mechanical impairments and diseases.
  9. Raising awareness among dentists and the general public about the consequences of dangerous/negligent dental treatments.
  10. Organizing and participating in seminars, courses and congresses.

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Become a member of the Bio-Mechanical Dystonia association to support our activities and have access to the special content and services of the Member Section of this blog. Help us help more people suffering from Dystonia.


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