Beginning of Treatment

In the following picture you can see a postural analysis and MR scan of the patient right before the beginning of the treatment with the Starecta Rectifier.


It is clearly at what we defined as phase 5 of postural colapse driven by a sinking skull: postural colapse affects, strains, compresses and twists the brain stem and the body reacts with neurological symptoms. They are automatic unconcious reflexes that do not make it past the brain stem to the conscious brain.

In the MR scan it is possible to see exactly where the brain stem compression and torsion is taking place: C5-C6-C7.

That is the spot where the postural colpase driven by the sinking skull has placed all the weight of the head. From C5 upwords, the cervical spine is rectified.

They are the same kind of unconscious, automatic nervouse impulses that occur when your fingers get burned and your hand and arm moves away from fire or the closing of the eye lids when an object approaches.

Those reflexes activate muscles to ease the pressure and torsion of the brain stem and move the head away.

That is what in medical terms is called Dystonia: involuntary asimmetric muscle contractions.



The Nuerologists that we consulted diagnosed Secondary Idiopatic Cervical Dystonia with degenerative affection of C5-C6-C7. In their opinion there is no cure and the only possible treatment to manage the symptoms consists in Bottox injections in the neck every 3 months to weaken the pulling muscles and, eventually, systemic anti-epileptic drugs if the situations evolves unfavourably towards Generalized Dystonia

The Maxilofacial Surgeon that we consulted insisted that the only possible treatment consisits in surgically removing part of the mandible to reallign it with the axis of the skull.

Many Dentists and experts in Dental Occlusion and Oromandibular Pain insisted that there is no cure. Most of them had no knowledge of the symptoms of Dystonia. Many displayed great personal and epistemic arrogance and ignorance by declaring that it was a psychological issue.

And that is how we decided to create a team of researchers to try an new experimental treatment based on the Rectifier to cure Cervical Dystonia.


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