The Starectian Iteration Cycle

I’m Ken and i’ve been doing Starecta for about a year and a half.  I’ve had my shares of ups and downs and have done a lot of experimenting… but i’ve learned that Starecta is very very powerful in a positive way if you harness how it works.  And by “it” I am referring to your body & proprioception.  Because there are a number of variables at play…  your posture, your teeth position, the width of your palate, the amount of torsion in your cranial bones, and your vision (ie. many of you will have astigmatism in one eye).

So here is a technique that i’ve developed, which i find quite useful as way to gauge your progress and straighten yourself quite quickly with Starecta..  Note that this assumes you are using Polymorph.

1) Do some vision strengthening exercise for about 2-minutes.  I like to move a pencil around my face and track it with my eyes.  Typically i can hear cranial bones moving and popping into a different position as i do it.  At the same time suck your tongue to the roof and try to stand as if someone is pulling you up at the top of your head.


2) Boil your polymorph and take registration in “Oooo” shape. Put just enough vertical so that you can fit about half a pencil between your incisors.  Try to suck your tongue up to the roof while doing it.

3) when taking registration ensure your back is against the wall and touch the wall in the following 3 spots: back of head, upper back, butt.  The back of your feet should be an inch or so in front of the wall as in the photo. Also ensure eyes are looking directly in front and try to feel as if someone is pulling you up by with a rope tied to the back of your head.  I also like to stare at a pencil in front of my face and move it close enough so that it is feels as if its pushing my head back into a nice stretch.

4) After polymorph dries, jump on trampoline for 5 minutes. Then do some Swiss ball kneeling like this.

Follow that with some neck stretching and shadow boxing. And do a few squats without weights.  I can sometimes hear the knees pop when i do that.  In general you are trying to hear things pop.

5) Go back to your wall spot paying attention to the same 4 points i mentioned before and making same “Ooooo” sound. Check if teeth go directly into pits without hitting any other part of the splint first. If so, repeat step 4 more intensively or perhaps wait a day.

6) If teeth dont go directly into pits then return to step 1 and take a new registration. Ensure than when you’re against the wall that you pay attention to whether one calf is on the wall and the other is not. This likely means you have hip rotation.

You can repeat this process as often as every 30 minutes but then things will move less and less as time goes on. After a couple of days you will be taller and straighter. Likely you will start out with a large underbite that will decrease over time. Continue doing this until you can go a week without registering and the teeth still go directly into the pits. When that happens both calves should be evenly touching the wall meaning you have removed (or at least reduced) the hip rotation.

Voila! This is better than any chiropractor or body worker that i have ever been to…Good luck!